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LP Emissions Contract

This contract handles liquidity mining incetives. It distributes WHALE tokens to WHALE/UST LP token stakers who can claim then claim them.


Key Type Description
owner Addr Address of the owner of the contract
whale_token Addr Address of the WHALE token
staking_token Addr Address of the WHALE/UST staking token
staking_token_decimals u8
distribution_schedule (u64,u64,Uint128) The distribution schedule parameters


Key Type Description
last_distributed u64 Timestamp at which the global_reward_index was last updated
total_bond_amount Uint128 Total number of WHALE-UST LP tokens staked with the contract
global_reward_index Decimal Used to calculate WHALE rewards accured over time elapsed. Ratio = Total distributed WHALE tokens / total bond amount
leftover Uint128 Number of WHALE tokens that are yet to be distributed
reward_rate_per_token Decimal Number of WHALE tokens distributed per staked LP token


See lp_emissions messages.