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Welcome to the White Whale Protocol's documentation site.

You can access the White Whale platform through the official Web App.

What is White Whale?

White Whale is an arbitrage protocol devoted to maintaining the peg on Terra stablecoins and allowing the community to contribute in helping to achieve this misson.

Deposited tokens are represented by vault tokens (vUST, vLUNA, ...). These tokens are redeemable for the initial deposit along with it's accrued interest, making these tokens auto-compouning. White Whale vaults are structured to provide depositors with:

White Whale is an open, permissionless arbitrage protocol, meaning that any third-party application is free to connect and earn interest without restrictions. Furthermore, all arbitrage contracts are publicly callable.

Further documentation of White Whale Protocol is provided in the following pages.


Learn more about White Whale Protocol, its core smart contracts, and Python SDK.